Where to get OFFCOIN points

Places where you can get points OFFCOIN, marked on the map as

Hackquest by CTFZONE

Fancy interesting tasks and a competitive spirit? Do you solve CTF like a god? Then the Hackquest is for you. The quest is organised by the CTFZONE in the lobby of the second floor. We took some interesting tasks, braised them in a thick exciting plot and spiced it all up with some scolding hot prizes. Sound interesting? Come to us immediately after the opening of the conference, familiarise yourself with the legend in the form of a comic book and join the quest. The three best participants are in for some special prizes. Solving individual tasks is rewarded with OFFCOIN points. (The number of printed comics is limited — we recommend picking up the step if you want to get your hands on this artifact).


At IoT.Zone, participants are given devices from different manufacturers and complete hacking freedom. Among the devices are IP cameras, smart sockets, routers and light bulbs, which are linked by several «smart home» systems.

Show your skills in reversing the firmware and running a penetration test of the infrastructure containing IoT devices. Who knows, maybe you will find new vulnerabilities that have not yet been discovered by other experts.

Correct solutions yield OFFCOIN points.

BI.ZONE: Hacked in 10(15) minutes

Show everyone how to hack. Bring your laptop, connect to the TV via Chromecast and demonstrate everything you usually use for a random task: tools, techniques, skills. Spear the task in 10 minutes and receive OFFCOIN points. Need five more minutes? Easy! In exchange you drink hard liquor shots!


Have you been wanting to learn to solder, but you still haven’t had the time to get round to it? Maybe your basics are mastered, but you have some questions for professionals? At Craft.Zone you can do all that: learn, practice and ask questions.

We’ll clarify right away: no OFFCOIN points can be made in the soldering zone. But here you can add the missing electronic components to your conference badge. Tuning the badge will give you access to a task, and subsequently the precious OFC.


Catch the e-sports tournaments taking place every 3 hours at the Game.Zone. Win OFFCOIN points by beating your opponents in the tournament. The tournaments include such old games as CS 1.6, Worms ™, Quake 3 Arena and others. Game.Zone visitors can also indulge themselves with some good old 8-bit games on Nintendo and SEGA consoles.


The best place for creative participants and guests, here they can:

  • Tattoo a skin of a buffalo. We will provide you with all necessities on the spot: a tattoo machine with a needle and ink, as well as unique transfer stickers, which are convenient for practicing your first tattoo. Taking part in Tattoo.Zone is on a first come, first served basis. Every hour, two of the best works are awarded OFFCOIN points.
  • Spin the wheel and try your luck in a lottery. Tattoo.Zone is fitted with a wheel containing capsules with prize slips. The prize could be a tattoo, a set of stickers, OFFCOIN glasses, gifts with conference symbols, and maybe a chance to spin the wheel again. But it’s not all that simple! Land on a trap and lose some points. Lottery runs every hour. The draw lasts 10 minutes. Live queue. One chance to try your luck per round.
  • Take part in the «Luck Chance» quiz. In this activity, participants choose a tattoo sketch by aiming for it with a toy gun. Before taking the shot, the participants are asked three questions on cybersecurity. Answer correctly and get a shot of liquor plus a step towards the targets. Answer incorrectly, take a step back. After answering three questions, the participant takes a shot at the poster with tattoos: the tattoo they hit is «the one». Each correct answer is also awarded OFFCOIN points.
  • Ink it up! Professional tattoo artists have already prepared an album of sketches. For any tattoo made at the conference, participants will be awarded with OFFCOIN points. The winnings can be combined with the OFFCOIN points received at the "Lucky Chance"quiz. The participant who took part in the quiz and get the tattoo done gets extra OFFCOIN points. Thus, the quiz you can potentially earn you a big bunch of OFFCOIN points.

More OFFCOIN points can be won at the BI.ZONE corner. Here you can solve riddles of varying complexity. Correct answers also get you prizes with the BI.ZONE logo and OFFCOIN points.


General rules*

Taking part in the conference activities is rewarded with OFFCOIN points. OFFCOIN points can be exchanged for souvenirs with the conference logo in OFFZONE SHOP.

Points are credited to the participant’s conference badge, which they receives at the front desk in exchange for their ticket.

The balance of the badge can be checked in a special terminal. On the conference map, the terminal is marked as . OFFCOIN points cannot be transferred to other participants.

By taking part in the conference activities, you automatically agree to these rules. More details on the rules on each of the activities can be found at the venue.

* Violation of the activity rules will result in the OFFCOIN balance to be reset to nil, and the participant’s badge itself blocked.

* Find more information about the event organiser here; check with the organiser for the time and order of getting the prizes.