Conference agenda

The key events at the OFFZONE 2019 are the two main report tracks and thematic corners dubbed FINANCE.ZONE, HARDWARE.ZONE, APPSEC.ZОNЕ. Adding to the hype is another zone, the theme of which is still held in secret. Every visitor will get the chance to show off their skills in technical competitions, unique post-apocalyptic quests and activities organized by our partners.


OFFZONE 2019 – being the second international conference on practical cybersecurity is due to take place in Moscow on June 17-18. The event will be held at Digital Business Space and is expected to attract experts, researchers, members of the professional community and all those not indifferent to the world of practical cybersecurity.

At the heart of the OFFZONE conference is truly unique and quality technical content and practical research in the field of cybersecurity. No suits, no business-talk – just hardcore research!

The underlying theme of a post-apocalyptic world will continue to set the tone for the conference, but this time elevated to new heights. Survivors from several safe-zones make up a global community, the aim of which is to revive technologies. Computers have to be restored bit by bit, the Internet is a thing of the yesteryear. Specialist working with consoles are in highest demand. Redistribution of power in favour of the technocrats is reflected in all aspects of life, including art. ASCII-art is once again in fashion.


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