Hackquest by CTFZONE

We plan to maintain a competitive spirit of the conference by introducing the Hackquest at CTFZONE. A series of post-apocalypse-flavoured CTF tasks will immerse you into an action-packed story line, the twist of which you will find in a comic book. Come to us immediately after the opening of the conference, get your comic book and join the quest. The Hackquest will last for 2 days and will end on June 18 at 18:00.

How to join:

0. Follow our Telegram Channel.

1. Come to the location Hackquest by CTFZONE.

2. Get your copy of the comic book.

3. Register your badge and connect to the bot.

4. Profit!


Some successfully completed tasks are rewarded with OFFCOIN points. The three finalists to complete the quest the fastest receive special prizes:

  • 1st place — «Playstation 4 Pro»
  • 2nd place — awesome hacking «Zotac»
  • 3rd place — NVIDIA «Jetson Nano»