Aleksey Chernykh

Lead security specialist, Rostelecom

About speaker

Lead Incident Response Specialist at RT-CERT (Rostelecom). Enthusiastic security researcher, marked in the Hall of Fame Yandex and Google. Bughunter. Threat hunter. Pentester. Speaker. My daily routine includes: investigating critical cyber incidents, threat intelligence, collecting, and analytics information from open/private sources.

June 18
16:00 — 17:00
First Track
Every day we hear a lot of stories about massive and scandalous leaks, discuss them with friends and colleagues, thinking it will never happen to us because our DLP works fine, security controls have been implemented long ago, and our SOC monitors our infrastructure 24/7. Nevertheless, one day we begin to ask ourselves: «Maybe, we too, have been leaking sensitive data for a long time?» Following our doubts, we decide to check it out, but immediately a huge number of questions and problems arise: what to look for? how and where? how to automate it? look again in the darknet? but darknet is dark and full of terrors and etc.

I’ll try to answer all of these questions and demonstrate: breach lifecycle, how to approach the leak monitoring process, what and where to look for, how to automate it so you won’t die from diving deep into this data lake, show our opensource solution and many-many other...