Antoniy Nikolaev

Developer, BI.ZONE

About speaker

Developer at BI.Zone, student at Tomsk State University, and member of the SiBears CTF team.
June 17
16:00 — 18:00
At the present time, an Internet-connected devices search engine is an extremely popular topic in all kind of researches. For example, Shodan and Censys are currently the most successful and useful search engines for all sorts of devices, from webcams to nuclear power stations, but sometimes using the databases of those search engines is completely inconvenient for large amounts of data and queries — they are too cumbersome. How to get and process all the necessary information from the search in one zero-touch tool that can do it all at once? How to get full and useful usage statistics, graphics, plots and other interesting things from search with just one command? How to compare search results over time? Our framework solves all these problems at once.