Artem Shishkin

Security Researcher, Intel Corporation, Strategic Offensive Research & Mitigations (STORM) Team

About speaker

A security researcher at Intel Corporation. Interested in Windows kernel security. Did some talks on Windows SMEP bypass, kernel patch protection bypass and abusing virtualization capabilities for security research. Accepted speaker for such conferences as PHDays, Zeronights, H2HC etc.

June 18
17:00 — 18:00
First Track
Memory management unit is a common attribute of any modern CPU architecture. Not only does it provide a virtual memory mechanism, it is also involved in isolation and protection of execution environments. Understanding the implementation of the MMU is not that difficult, but still requires some effort. Combined with modern complex memory managers of the operating systems, it becomes a potential source of security issues. Let’s discuss the key properties of MMU with Intel x86 architecture as an example, common pitfalls in building the page tables and see if modern operating systems miss anything in terms of securing the memory mappings.