Peter Kálnai

Senior Malware Researcher, ESET

About speaker

Peter Kálnai is a malware researcher at ESET. As a speaker, he has represented ESET at various international conferences including Virus Bulletin, AVAR, OFFZONE, cyberCentral and CARO Workshop. He hates mostly malware like crypto-ransomware, because it displays hardly any inventiveness and has a very destructive impact on the victim. His golden rule for cyberspace is always to prioritise security measures over user comfort. In his free time he enjoys foosball and traveling.

June 17
17:00 — 18:00
First Track
Presentation about an innovative banking trojan that appeared in 2018 and surprised the security industry with its new techniques. We will present analysis of the malware, its cybercrime scheme and behind-the-scenes details about cooperation with law enforcement agencies.