Sofia Marakhovich

Security Analysis Specialist, Informzaschita

About speaker

Sofia Marakhovich is a third-year student of the HSE specialty Computer Security. A specialist in the security analysis department at Informzaschita, a member of the Invulvs team and the author of articles on Habr. Developer framework for testing IoT devices and a speaker at ZeroNights 2018. 

Winner of the PHDays hackers competition Standoff 2019.
June 17
14:00 — 15:00
First Track
In this report we will go through a very popular, but mystical topic of RedTeam. We will understand the concepts, consider how RedTeam is treated and carried out in our country and, as it is implemented in its homeland, abroad, where it was created in the image of military exercises. According to their examples, we will assemble our team to save the world, pick up our fighters with weapons and describe the perfect battlefield.