Two workshops are planned for the 2nd Track, to be held on June 17.

  1. Intensive course on binary exploits by Sergey Ivanov, independent researcher and core member of the LC/BC team.
  2. CTF training «Advancing attacks through side channels» by Roman Korkikyan, security expert at Kudelski Group.

To make the workshops interesting and benefiting all, the attendees will require certain skills. It is important that the participants have knowledge of:

  • reverse engineering;
  • the basics of modern operating systems (for the intensive part) and encoding algorithms (for the CTF training).

Participants will be asked to solve a task before registering. Different task for each of the workshops.


  1. Open the Telegram-bot.
  2. Follow the given instructions.

The bot gives a task, collects the answer and, if the answer is correct, the bot will register you for the selected workshop.

Should you run into some technical difficulties, reach out to us at